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The Mission of Support-Link, Inc. is to assist individuals with disabilities and seniors in achieving their highest potential by connecting them to desired and necessary services and supports thus allowing for them to live and work as independently as possible in their communities.  

Our Mission

We value the dreams, aspirations and goals of all individuals with disabilities and their rights to full, productive and responsible roles in society and their day to day lives.

We value the rights of all individuals regardless of their disabilities to make their own choices based on sound knowledge and informed decisions.

We value the dedication and commitment of the staff who serve people with disabilities.

Our Values

Support-Link, Inc. provides the following services through the Department of Health TBI and NHTD Waivers: Service Coordination, Structured Day Program, Independent Living Skills Training, Community Integration Counseling, Environmental Modifications, Moving Assistance and Community Transition Services. 

Support-Link, Inc. provides the following services through OPWDD:  Service Coordination and Self-Directed Services which include: Fiscal Intermediary, Start up and Support Broker, Community Rehabilitation, Respite, and Supported Employment.  Support-Link, Inc. staff are expertly trained in the delivery of these services to allow each individual to thrive as a member of their community.

Our Services

Support-Link, Inc. is funded by New York State Medicaid through The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and The Department of Health.

Our Funding

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